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Canadian Degrassi Media Source
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Your source for Canadian Degrassi promos, interviews, news clips, etc.

Welcome to Degrassi Media! Your source for Canadian Degrassi videos!

This community is maintained by _notyourgirl AKA dream943 at Dailymotion. Videos will still be posted at Dailymotion, as well as this LJ community.

The content posted here is exclusively CANADIAN (ie from CTV and other Canadian TV channels) until American capturers join the team.

I DO NOT post episodes of Degrassi. If you want to watch episodes go to either The-N.com or CTV.ca OR buy Degrassi on DVD.

This community is in its beginning stages, so please contact me (dream943@hotmail.com) if you have any suggestions or if you wish to help out.


This community is locked. You will have to join in order to gain access. Your request to join must be approved by me.

In order to be approved, your LJ must be ACTIVE. In other words, you must post entries regularly and have a decent number of comments/friends considering your time on LJ.

Questions? dream943@hotmail.com or leave a comment at my journal.
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